Mini Cord | Snake Grey

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Mini Cord | Snake Grey

For a long time, Paracord has been used by survivalists and the military as a multifunctional rope. Originally made as parachute rope. Now this functional Paracord is avalaible for your wrist ánd looks pretty damn Bad-Ass. Take a look at our Snake collection. Made out of the best American type 1 Paracord, with a breaking force of 45kg, UV-resistant and completed with stainless steel components. De Snake is still a good match to it's bigger brothers despite of it's smaller size. Because of it's timeless design and unbreakable quality a perfect addition to your collection. Made to last!

Material: Paracord type 1 (1,9mm) Grey

Clasp: Lobsterclasp Silver 

Brand tag: Silver

Knot: Cobra

Size: The width of this Paracord bracelet is about 10mm. We use approximately 2,5 meters of rope, that you can re-use in emergency situations.

Onderhoud: You can do everything with these bracelets. You can also take them swimming or showering.

Our Snake bracelets are made to grow old with you. Timeless design, stainless steel components and a breaking force of 45kg, makes these bracelets last!


All sizes are possible at Bad-Ass Bracelets. We think 'regular' sizes are just annoying. Big of small wrists? No problem, we'll hand make your bracelet so it fits you perfectly!

1. Measure your wrist at the thickest point (wristbone). The best way is to use a tape measure. Don't have one? Measure your wrist with a piece of rope and check the size with a ruler.

2. Always round up  (for example 18,5cm to 19cm).

3. Planning to swim or shower with your bracelet? If so we advise to order a cm bigger. Paracord soaks up water and will shrink a bit after it's first contact with water. 

4. Order the right size and we'll go ahead and make your bracelet exactly on your correct size!

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