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Paracord | Atmozfears Black&Silver

We proudly present this unbreakable Paracord bracelet of your favorite DJ Atmozfears which can't be missed in your collection. These bracelets are handmade by our team just for you. 150BPM proof. High quality Atmozfears merchandise It's made with the following materials:

Material: Paracord type 550 (4mm) Black. UV Protective rope, it can withstand up to 250kg of force. Unbreakable!

Shackle: Buckle Antique Silver. Easy to take on and off.

Bead: Atmozfears Antique Silver

Knot: Cobra

Sizes: Check our sizing advise at the bottom. 19cm is a medium sized male wrist.

Advise: These bracelets are made to last. If you want your bracelet to last as long as possible take them off while showering or swinning. However you can party hard all night long with them! If they get dirty because of the filthy bass, rinse them off with water. 

Timeless designed Atmozfears Merchandise and the best materials are made for our Paracord bracelets. They are  made to grow old with you and are stronger than steel!


All sizes are possible at Bad-Ass Bracelets. We think 'regular' sizes are just annoying. Big of small wrists? No problem, we'll hand make your bracelet so it fits you perfectly!

1. Measure your wrist at the thickest point (wristbone). The best way is to use a tape measure. Don't have one? Measure your wrist with a piece of rope and check the size with a ruler.

2. Always round up half centimeters (for example 18,5cm to 19cm).

3. Planning to swim or shower with your bracelet? If so we advise to order one size bigger. Paracord soaks up water and will shrink a bit. 

4. Order the right size and we'll go ahead and make your bracelet exactly fitting for you!

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